UNGA 3rd committee resolution on the rights of indigenous peoples adopted

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3rd committee res 2013

The attached 3rd committee resolution was adopted by consensus today, with three oral amendments.

Amendments introduced by Bolivia:


Add the following text to the end of the paragraph: …”and that the Alta outcome document as well as other proposals by indigenous peoples be taken into account when preparing the outcome document of the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples”


Delete the following from the end of the paragraph: “and notes the opportunity to further discuss this matter within the framework of the high-level plenary meeting of the General Assembly to be known as the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples”. This change makes the paragraph identical to OP11 from last year’s 3rd committee resolution.


Delete the word “and” in line 6 and replace with a comma between the worlds “organizations” and “institutions”.

After the resolution was adopted the following Member States made statements.

UK and France reiterated their position regarding collective rights.

Canada said that UNDRIP was an aspirational, non-legally binding document that imposes no obligations on Canadian law.

The United States emphasized that the Alta document is but one of many proposals of indigenous peoples that may be taken into account for the WCIP. Further, the US looks forward to working with Member States and the PGA to ensure the adequate participation of elected and traditional representatives of tribal governments at the WCIP.

The following countries were added to the list of co-sponsors: Cuba, Austria, Dominican Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Ecuador, USA, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Iceland, Montenegro, Poland, Slovenia.


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