Racialized Students Resistance! 2014 Conference

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Racialized Students Resistance! 2014 Conference


call for abstracts

We are pleased to announce our call for abstracts for Racialized Students Resistance! 2014 Conference organized by the Centre for Race Autobiography Gender and Age (RAGA) Graduate and Undergraduate Student Networks. We welcome post-secondary students from the RAGA Networks to submit abstracts (to join one of the networks, please see information below) for either an oral or poster presentation.

This conference welcomes presentations which centre on critical approaches to Indigenous, critical race and feminist scholarships, including Indigenous Feminisms, Post/Colonial, Anti-Racism, Mestiza, Black Feminist Thought and LGBTQIA scholarship. The one day conference focuses on enacting processes of unmasking; de/reconstructing; in/visibilizing; reclaiming; and creating. The Racialized Students Resistance! 2014 Conference will offer a critically informed platform to address subtle and explicit institutionalized systems of violence and oppression – often experienced by racialized individuals and their various communities.

We encourage the widest possible range of presentation topics that embrace intersectional critical approaches. We challenge ourselves to include multiple and alternative knowledges that disrupt dominant academic frameworks. We purposefully seek diverse presentation formats including art talks,  oral presentations, spoken word, and short films/documentaries. We also support non-traditional poster presentation submissions (i.e. collages, photographic vignettes, and all forms of visual art).

For more information about the submission process, please visit RAGA Network blog http://ragastudentnetwork.wordpress.com/. All primary authors will receive an email confirmation regarding their submission. Upon completion of the review process, all authors will receive a decision notification.

Submission deadline: February 19, 2014


Who should submit an abstract?

You are currently enrolled in a post-secondary institution

You are a member of the RAGA Undergraduate or Graduate Network

Your work engages with critical approaches to Indigenous, critical race and feminist scholarships

How to Join the RAGA Undergraduate and Graduate Student Networks: any post-secondary student from any institution (around the world) may join one of the 2 RAGA Student Networks by contacting the RAGA Network administrator via email ragacentre@gmail.com with ‘Request to join RAGA student network’ in the subject line. Details on how to join can also be found on the Raga Network Blog: http://ragastudentnetwork.wordpress.com/.

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