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This is a reminder that the deadline is approaching for the Aboriginal Graduate Fellowships competition:

Call for Nominations:  Aboriginal Graduate Fellowships

For graduate programs:

The University of British Columbia offers multi-year fellowships to Master’s and doctoral Aboriginal students via the Aboriginal Graduate Fellowships (AGF) program.  The AGF program is intended to complement, rather than provide a substitute for, graduate funding programs such as the Four Year Fellowship (4YF) and Graduate Support Initiative (GSI) programs.  It is expected that graduate programs will consider recommending their aboriginal students for funding from the AGF competition in addition to, rather than in place of, considering them for funding from the 4YF, GSI and other graduate funding programs. On the AGF Nomination Form, graduate program will be asked if their doctoral nominees are also being recommended for funding from the 4YF program.  If so, and the nominee is subsequently ranked high enough to be offered AGF funding, the student will receive the 4YF and an AGF top up of $2,000 per year for the duration of their 4YF.

Please set an internal deadline for the Aboriginal Graduate Fellowship competition, and forward the following announcement to your students:

For students:

Aboriginal Graduate Fellowship

Amount: $16,000 – $18,000 stipend plus tuition each year for up to two years (Master’s) or four years (doctoral)

Deadline: G+PS deadline 7 February, 2014, check with your graduate program for their internal deadline

The University of British Columbia offers multi-year fellowships to Master’s and doctoral Aboriginal students. Approximately a dozen new fellowships are offered each year. The competition is open to both incoming and continuing aboriginal graduate students.

For more information about this competition and links to application and reference forms, please see the Graduate Awards website: https://www.grad.ubc.ca/awards/aboriginal-graduate-fellowships

The contact at the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for this competition is Angela Rizzo (angela.rizzo@ubc.ca).

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