Call for Papers -Native Traditions in the Americas Group (AAR)

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Native Traditions in the Americas Group, American Academy of Religion.

Questions can be directed to or

Michelene Pesantubbee, University of Iowa

Michael Zogry, University of Kansas

co-Chairs, Native Traditions in the Americas Group


General Questions about the Call for Papers? Read the General Call Instructions.

Questions about the PAPERS System? Read the PAPERS Instruction Manual.

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The deadline for proposal submission is 5:00 PM EST, Monday, March 3.


Native Traditions in the Americas Group

We invite individual paper and group proposals on any aspect of Native traditions in the Americas (North, Central, and South). We especially encourage proposals in the following areas (topics not listed in order of importance):

•Native religious traditions or issues in Central or South America or in the Southwestern United States, including those in the San Diego area, either a) during any era, or b) for a possible cosponsored session with the Religion in Latin America and the Caribbean Group, specifically Mesoamerican and Indigenous Latin American religion and ritual in the precolonial and early colonial periods

•Native religious traditions in the Americas and peacemaking (for a possible cosponsored session with the Religions, Social Conflict, and Peace Group)

•Native traditional knowledge and the environment, including climate change (for a possible cosponsored session with the Religion and Ecology Group)

•Religious significance of or issues concerning oceans, waterways and watersheds

•Native religious traditions and architecture, including traditional homes

•Native religious traditions and gender roles

•Indigenous concepts of power

Mission Statement:

This Group sees its mission as the promotion of the study of Native American religious traditions and thereby the enrichment of the academic study of religion generally, by engaging in discourse about culturally-centered theories and encouraging multiple dialogues at the margins of Western and non-Western cultures and scholarship. The Group is committed to fostering dialogue involving Native and non-Native voices in the study of North, Central, and South American Native religious traditions and to engaging religious studies scholarship in robust conversation with scholarship on other facets of Native cultures and societies.

Meeting Location

The 2014 AAR and SBL Annual Meetings will be held November 22-25, in San Diego, California. Registration and the Exhibit Hall will be located in the San Diego Convention Center. Academic sessions will be held in the Convention Center, the Hilton Bayfront, and the Marriott Marina. The Employment Center will be located in the Grand Hyatt. Registration and housing for the Annual Meeting will open in March.


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