Her Own Words® series on American Indian Women’s Stories

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> Her Own Words® Stories of Women’s Lives

> http://www.HerOwnWords.com

> Facebook: Her Own Words: Women’s History

The five DVDs in the Her Own Words®  series on American Indian Women’s Stories:

> Big Sister, Little Sister

> Her Mother Before Her: Stories of Mothers & Grandmothers

> Mountain Wolf Woman: 1884-1960

> Sisters & Friends

> Winnebago Women: Songs & Stories.


> All five DVDs feature women speaking directly to the audience in their  own voices and in their own words (in Mountain Wolf Woman’s case, the  words are hers, but her granddaughter is the narrator). Lengths range  from 15 to 22 minutes.

> Tribal College: Journal of American Indian Higher Education called  these videos “excellent examples of the oral tradition. The stories are told by the women who experienced them rather than as  interpretations by others. These films bring back something we need to do in our own families.” School Library Journal said that “Big  Sister, Little Sister makes effective use of personal narrative. Viewers will find this short film a touching testament to family, the  Native American experience, and the aspects of life that we all share.”


> The DVDs are available individually; an order form is on our website,  HerOwnWords.com


> Please pass the link on to anyone you know who has interest in Women’s  studies, oral histories, or American Indian Literatures, culture or  history.

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