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We have been publishing a lot of interesting material in the last couple months, and to thank all of our readers for their continued support we are providing open access to these 10 articles!Physiotherapy Canada: “Physiotherapy beyond Our Borders: Investigating Ideal Competencies for Canadian Physiotherapists Working in Resource-Poor Countries” by Christina Cassady, Rehana Meru, Nga Man Carmen Chan, Julie Engelhardt, Michelle Fraser, and Stephanie Nixon –

Canadian Historical Review: “John Labatt Blows In and Out of the Windy City: A Case Study in Entrepreneurship and Business Failure, 1889–1896” by Matthew Bellamy –

Canadian Theatre Review: “After Kandahar: Canadian Theatre’s Engagement with the War in Afghanistan” by Matt Jones –

Canadian Modern Language Review: “Investigating What Second Language Learners Do and Monitor under Careful Online Planning Conditions” by Mohammad Javad Ahmadian and Mansoor Tavakoli –

Eighteenth Century Fiction – “Ideal Friendship and the Paradoxes of Narration in Sarah Fielding’s David Simple” by Bryan Mangano –

Physiotherapy Canada: “Clinician’s Commentary on Fleet et al.” by Kara K. Patterson –

Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality: “The impact of daily sexual desire and daily sexual desire discrepancy on the quality of the sexual experience in couples” by Kristen P. Mark –
Cartographica: “Going Viral: The Look of Online Persuasive Maps” by Ian Muehlenhaus –

Journal of Religion and Popular Culture: “Christmas in the 1960s: A Charlie Brown Christmas, Religion, and the Conventions of the Television Genre” by Stephen J. Lind –
Genocide Studies International: “The Nuba People: Out of Sight, Out of Mind” by Rebecca Tinsley –

We hope you continue reading and enjoying our journal articles, just as much as we enjoy publishing them!



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