Wild Salmon Convergence: October 4th-5th

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While we [at the Indigenous Health Garden] work with the soil most days, our health, identity, and ecological/social communities are intricately tied up in the water. From the rains that nourish our medicines to the fish we cook at our feasts, it’s important that we honour and advocate for the water and especially the future of wild salmon. We’re excited to share the news of this upcoming convergence in Secwepemc territory this October!

The wild salmon need our help more than ever, and one way to do that is to appreciate their beauty, strength and resilience in their journey home to play out their birth and death in the Adams River – a river system with some of the oldest geology in BC, and rich in culture and heritage to the Secwepemc and all people who inhabit the region.

Please distribute the attached poster invite far and wide to your friends, families and co-workers to come honour and witness one of the worlds largest sockeye salmon spawning events in the world!

Facebook Invite: http://is.gd/WildSalmonConvergence

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