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Radical Youth Pedagogy: Call for Chapters

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Submission by: March 1st, 2015 Radical Youth Pedagogy: flipping the culture of the classroom

Editors Kelsey Catherine Schmitz, PhD (ABD) and Nichole Grant, PhD (C) , invite you to consider their call for papers for a future published collection

1) Context:

The purpose of this edited collection is to act as a toolbox for educators wishing to radicalize their classroom approaches, disrupting normalized pedagogy in favour of youth voices. Today’s classrooms are ruled over by neoliberal politics, governed with a doctrine of standardization and testing. Teachers and students are forced to negotiate the political agenda of modern schooling (Pinar, 2003). The power struggle over the classroom is further complicated by the increasing corporatization of schools and the historical legacy of eurocentric models of education. From the colonization of indigenous cultures to the legislation of gendered pedagogy, classrooms are overshadowed by robotic pedagogy and curriculum that fails to recognize the culture…

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