Job – Term Instructor/Assistant Professor in Indigenous Studies

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Instructor/Assistant Professor
Term Instructor/Assistant Professor
from Alaska Native Knowledge Network – Friday,  19 December 2014, 02:12 pm
The University of Alaska Fairbanks Department of Cross-Cultural Studies
invites applications for a term instructor or term assistant professor
position in Indigenous Studies, with significant experience in data
management and dissemination for institutions serving indigenous people.
UAF has a significant number of Indigenous students enrolled in a wide
range of academic programs that are available on campus in Fairbanks as
well as through a network of six rural campuses and a variety of distance
education programs administered through the College of Rural and Community

Indigenous Studies is located in the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies and
constitutes an interdisciplinary M.A. and PhD program built upon an
integrated set of core courses designed around a set of six specialty areas
with emphases in Indigenous Research, Indigenous Education, Indigenous
Knowledge Systems, Indigenous Languages, Indigenous Sustainability and
Indigenous Leadership. The program is offered jointly through the Center
for Cross-Cultural Studies, the Alaska Native Language Center, the School
of Education, and the Department of Alaska Native and Rural Development.
The PhD program was established in 2009 and is administered by the Center
for Cross-Cultural Studies in cooperation with the UAF Graduate School, the
College of Liberal Arts, and the College of Rural and Community
Development. Many Indigenous Studies courses are cross-listed and there is
the opportunity to work with students and faculty in other disciplines,
schools, or colleges. Most courses are offered by various modes of distance

The Center for Cross-Cultural Studies was established in 1971 by action of
the UA Board of Regents. In addition to the academic programs, it houses
the Alaska Native Knowledge Network, a curriculum clearinghouse and a
publications center. The research and development agenda for the Center
focuses on applied research, cultural collaborations, and academic programs
that benefit the people of Alaska.

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