New CASIE graduate student award

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2015 CASIE Graduate Student Award

The Canadian Association for the Study of Indigenous Education (CASIE/ACEEA), as an associate member in the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE), has the responsibility for providing forums for scholarly discussion related to Indigenous education within CSSE, within Canadian Faculties of Education, and in society at large. The Association’s mission is to promote the study of Indigenous education amongst faculty members, students, and others in Canada and abroad. In order to carry out this mission, CASIE/ACEEA is happy to announce and solicit applications for the 2015 CASIE/ACEEA Graduate Student Award.

As an organization committed to promoting Indigenous peoples and education, CASIE/ACEEA encourages the submission of scholarly papers from graduate students for presentation at CASIE/ACEEA’s annual conference. Papers that explore Indigenous education issues and methodologies, or have at their center research on indigenous peoples and education are welcome. CASIE/ACEEA encourages proposals that broaden the definition of traditional scholarship to include innovative and creative research.

All university graduate students may submit an application for the Award. Submitters must be current members of CASIE/ACEEA, have current graduate student status or have graduated less than one year from the date of the award, and have had their paper accepted for presentation at the CSSE annual conference in May/June 2015. If the applicant is one of a number of authors associated with the paper for application, the applicant must be first author. There must be included in the package at least one letter of nomination from a faculty member who can serve as a reference for the student and who will attest to the quality of the scholarly submission.

Complete applications must be sent by mail or email to the President of CASIE/ACEEA by 31 March 2015. Once applications have been received, the executive committee of CASIE/ACEEA will read and adjudicate the proposals. In the event that any of the committee members have a conflict of interest or personal relationship with a student submitter, another member will be named to the committee.

In order to move forward to adjudication, applications must include the following:

• A cover letter;

• An abstract of the scholarly paper (no more than 200 words);

• The final paper to be adjudicated; and

• A letter of reference/nomination from a faculty member.

• Note: Do NOT send complete dissertations or theses

The recipient will be recognized at the annual CASIE/ACEEA annual general meeting at which time a prize of $500.00 will be presented. The winning proposals will be highlighted on the CASIE/ACEEA web-site.

Applications may be forwarded via post or email to:

Frank Deer

250 Education Building

University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB R3T‐2N2

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