Job – Director of the Native American Program at Dartmouth

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Position Title
Department     Dean of the College
Position Number     0120701
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In the forty years since the Kemeny administration’s reinvigoration of the College’s founding ideals, Dartmouth has established its preeminence among peer institutions in the recruitment, retention, breadth, and achievements of the American Indian student population. Dartmouth’s Native American Program (NAP) is an exemplary model, and, it is grounded in the following core commitments which the Director proactively upholds: support for Native American education; facilitation of the holistic development of Native students; reflection of the value that self-determination has in the lives of Native students; maintenance and expression of Native American cultural identity; and, cultivation of a strong ethic of community engagement within the College community, its Native communities and its external relationships.
Position Purpose

The Director of the Native American Program (NAP) will be to guide the vision, development and implementation of a dynamic program; and, to provide direction, leadership, and consultation in the educational, social, cultural, and personal development of Native American students at Dartmouth College. These priorities are accomplished through: 1) Program Vision, Development, Implementation and Evaluation 2) Student Advising and Mentoring 3) Community Advocacy 4) Budget and Personnel Administration, and 5) Community Engagement and Collaboration. We seek a student-centered colleague with a deep commitment to the wellness and academic achievement of Native students, a passion for collaboration and respect for diverse points of view, and a strong desire to work as part of a community.

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