Māori and Australian artists collaborate to create artwork opposing remote community closure

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Māori and Australian artists collaborate to create artwork opposing remote community closure

By Online News Team, Taiha Molyneux 9:48am, Wednesday 15 April 2015
Mural created in Melbourne by Jason Manukau and a fellow artist at the Powerhouse

A talented Māori artist teamed up with an Australian artist, combining their skills to paint a mural in support of the Aboriginal people’s battle to stop the closure of over 200 remote communities in Western Australia.

Jason Manukau of Tainui and Ngāti Mahuta has been recognised worldwide for his talent in the art of airbrushing, specialising in portraits and his latest collaborative effort in conjunction with his friend Ian Lowe on display at the Power House in Melbourne has generated passionate feedback .

The young boy depicted in the painting is Dwaine Taylor, the nephew of a friend of Jasons who is linked to the Mitakoodi Tribe in Cloncurry through his mother, Jordan Ah Sam and the Noongah people of Western Australia through his father Jason Taylor.

Jason Manukau says the idea for the mural came about after he saw a photo of the young boy circulating online in the campaign against the closure of the remote communities.

He says, “I asked them if it was cool to paint the image to show our support to the Aboriginal brothers and sisters and they were happy for us to paint the portrait, the image has been greatly received and we have seen it popping up on social media.”

Supporters on social media say the mural itself speaks, “more than a thousand words.” …Read More.

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