Course – Sounds of endangered languages: Conservation and revitalization, Winter Term 1

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FNEL 281
Sounds of endangered languages: Conservation and revitalization

Winter Term 1
Tues/Thurs 11am-12:30pm
Buchanan B-309


Take this course if you would like to:
Learn about the wealth and diversity of speech sounds that can be heard in BC indigenous languages

Build foundational knowledge in articulatory and acoustic phonetics

Acquire practical skills and learn about best practices for digital audio recording, sound editing, acoustic analysis,
transcription, and archiving for language documentation, conservation and revitalization, using portable digital
recorders and freely-available computer software

Develop skills in phonetic transcription and explore how phonetic transcription systems relate to and can complement
community orthographies

Develop skills in perceiving and producing speech sounds like ejectives, glottalized resonants, and lateral fricatives
that aren’t found in English

Be mentored in respectful and reciprocal engagement with First Nations and indigenous communities and individuals

For questions or further information, please contact:
Dr. Emily Elfner, First Nations and Endangered Languages Program Email:
For program or registration information, please contact:
Kaeleigh Hiebert,

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