Job – Program Manager: Dogwood 2025 (revised), Due Aug. 21, 2015

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Title: Program Manager: Dogwood 2025 0.5 FTE
Position Details:
This is a leadership position designed to oversee various aspects of the exciting Dogwood
2025 Aboriginal Mentorship initiative. With a mandate to support Aboriginal learners,
Dogwood 2025 has been created with a single overarching goal: to ensure that graduation
rates among Aboriginal learners match or exceed those of the general school population
by the year 2025.
The Program Coordinator will be responsible for the following:
• Building on the development and implementation that has taken place (2013-
2015) of a training program for Aboriginal post-secondary mentors who will work
directly with Aboriginal learners at the elementary and secondary school levels
selected for the pilot within the Vancouver Board of Education.
• Liaising with colleges, universities, community agencies and Dogwood Board to
recruit mentors for the 2015/2016 school year
• Continuing to work with identified schools to develop and implement effective
programming beyond the initial phase of the pilot program
• Consider, and make recommendations to the Dogwood 25 Board, strategies for the
widening of the Dogwood 25 Initiative to all school districts in BC.
•Liaising with the Dogwood 25 Board of Directors/Steering Committee in order to
report on progress, recommend enhancements to the program, and develop
targets for use beyond the pilot phase.

The successful applicant must:
• Possess a degree in post-secondary studies in education, or a related field focused
on Aboriginal youth and/or communities.
• Have experience in developing and/or implementing programs for Aboriginal
target audiences.
• Demonstrate successful leadership experience working with collaborative teams
in the development and implementation of special projects.
• Possess a teaching degree/ and have successful classroom experience.
The position is open to all applicants who possess the above qualifications.

The successful candidate will report to the Steering committee of the Dogwood 25
initiative. This position is an annual contracted position. As such, the successful
candidate will be an independent contractor and not an employee, agent or partner of the
Vancouver Board of Education. The annual rate of pay, inclusive of benefits, is in the
$300 per day range depending on the successful candidate’s level of experience and
The Province of British Columbia requires that a criminal records check be completed for
all persons who have unsupervised access to students, regardless of the capacity of that
employee/individual. Therefore, the candidate must comply with this requirement prior
to commencing any services.
This competition closes on August 21, 2015.
To apply for this position, please submit a current curriculum vitae along with a covering
letter to Dr. Sid Katz, Co-Chair of the Dogwood 25 Committee, at:

Revised Dogwood 25 Coordinator job posting

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