Job – Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Graduate Research Assistant (GRA), Due: Aug 30 , 2015

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Research Assistant (SoTL    RA)




The term Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) refers to systematic inquiry into teaching

and learning, and has several parallels with other forms of applied education research such as

Action Research. SoTL projects often research different aspects of evidence-based pedagogies or

the use of novel technologies in higher education.

We are looking for SoTL Research Assistants to support research projects across UBC. The SoTL RA

will work with UBC faculty members to design, implement, analyze, and write up their SoTL

projects. The focus of the work is on evaluating and researching the novel pedagogies, rather than

designing the pedagogies themselves. The SoTL RA is expected to bring to the project her or his

expertise in educational research, which will supplement the faculty member’s expertise. Each

SoTL RA will support several related projects concurrently, most of which are recipients of the

SoTL Seed Research Fund. Example projects can be found here:

In addition to working closely with faculty members, the SoTL RA will be part of the Institute for

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISoTL) team. The SoTL RAs will receive training and support

from the Senior Manager, Research and Evaluation at the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and

Technology. The SoTL RAs will work together as a cohort, supporting each other and facilitating

transfer across projects and faculties.

Examples for tasks that will be led by the SoTL RA include operationalizing research questions,

formulating an evaluation plan, designing relevant instruments, submitting BREB applications,

collecting and interpreting data, and disseminating findings. The work is likely to result in

scholarly publications and may include presentations. Notably, most projects are multidisciplinary

and require diverse expertise, and work on them is done in teams.

Benefits to students are numerous, on top of salary. First and foremost, students will engage in

applied, valuable, and authentic research. Students will also develop expertise in a variety of

research methodologies and become familiar with a wide range of research contexts and

approaches. Lastly, there may be an opportunity to build on projects and partnerships to advance

the students’ own research agenda.


The student should be experienced and proficient in at least two of the following topics:

• Ethics, BREB.

• Survey design and analysis.

• Experimental design, assessment design, and analysis.

• Interviews and focus groups.

• Verbal protocol analysis and think-aloud protocols.

• Basic statistics (t-test, ANOVA, Cronbach-α, etc).

• Advanced statistical methods (HLM, exploratory factor analysis, etc).

• Analytics and databases.

• Observations.

The following qualifications are also required:

• Proven ability to collaborate with others and work productively in groups.

• Curiosity to learn and ability to improve based on feedback.

• Critical thinking.

• Ability to work independently, including the ability to set goals and deliverables, establish and

meet timelines, and evaluate own progress and adjust processes as necessary.

• Ability to handle complex tasks and bring them to successful completion.

• Reliability and diligence

Knowledge in a disciplinary domain outside education (such as in the Arts or the Sciences) is an


The required time investment is somewhat flexible and will vary based on the phase of the project

and student availability. A longer horizon at UBC (2-3 years) is an advantage.

Deadline for application is August 30th. Applicants who meet the qualifications will hear back

from us by September 3rd and will be invited for an interview.


Education, Training and Teaching


On-Campus (UBC Vancouver) Job



Arts/Social Sciences



Current Students in a Masters Program, Current Students in a Phd Program


Dr. Ido Roll

Senior Manager, Research and Evaluation.

Centre for Teaching, Learning, & Technology


Please send your CV, names of two potential references, a short application letter, and an unofficial

transcript (optional).

The letter should address the following three points:

(1) Please explain why you are interested in the position and what you hope to gain.

(2) Please explain how you meet the requirements specified above.

(3) Please specify for how long you anticipate to remain a student at UBC.

Applications Accepted Until:

August 30 , 2015

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