Coyote’s Keyboard – Writing the Ph.D. Thesis in an Indigenous Voice: Content, Context, and Controversy, Sep. 30, 2015

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Coyote’s Keyboard
Writing the Ph.D. Thesis in an Indigenous Voice: Content, Context, and Controversy
Coyote's Keyboard Presentation about Thesis Writing, Sept 30, 2015
Wednesday, September 30
12:30 – 1:30
Light refreshments provided
Scarfe 310
Hosted by Ts”kel Indigenous Graduate Studies & the Indigenous Education Institute of Canada
Nisga’a Architect Patrick Stewart defended his Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies at the First Nations House of Learning at UBC in April 2015. His decolonizing analysis of design paradigms for Indigenous architects was written in a non-standard form. The words on the page invoked both aural and visual patterns, Nisga’a expression, and Indigenous experience. Dr. Stewart’s controversial thesis received international media attention immediately after it was successfully defended. Does this work and the recent writing of other Indigenous scholars who challenge the assumptions of the academy represent an emergent space for Indigenous knowledge systems to transform universities? Dr. Stewart has explained aspects of his journey through the Ph.D. in the following ways: believing in my own life context culturally gave me strength to freely question the parameters of my life/work both professionally and academically i had to come to understand that underlying all of my thinking and writing was my personal belief in the importance of my culture through respect/relationships/relevance/reflection/reciprocity/redistribution/ responsibility
Please join Dr. Patrick Stewart for a conversation on culturally responsive academic writing returning to an Indigenous space of reflection and connection.

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