CFP – 17th Annual American Indian Studies Association Conference, Due: Oct. 15, 2015

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17th Annual American Indian Studies Association Conference
February 4-­‐5, 2016 — Tempe, AZ

“Native Leadership in Community Building ”

“Native Leadership in Community Building,” is the theme for the 17th Annual American Indian Studies Association conference. With the many challenges native communities and nations are facing, leadership is key to community building. While political officials are seen as leaders, individuals and families are also taking the initiative to transform their native communities and nations for the better. These individuals and families are undertaking work on a number of levels, such as language and culture maintenance/revitalization, health improvement, environmental protection, culturally-­‐based education, and many other pertinent issues, that build strength and capacity in our communities.

This year’s conference looks to examine and initiate discussions about leadership and community building. This includes, however is not exclusive to: language, culture, art, history, environment, governance, gender, sexuality, health, storytelling, education, family, philosophy, policy, and all other topics which would include leadership and community building.

The organizers of the AISA Conference welcome proposals for paper presentations, panel presentations, round table discussions, and workshops.

Consideration will be given to other topics that relate to American Indian issues. Paper/Session/Panel Proposals:

  • Please send paper and panel submissions in a digital format.
  • When submitting a paper, session or panel, please provide the name of the presenter, title,

    session organizer and/or all persons involved, including their role/s. Also, provide their address,

    phone number and email information.

  • Submit the presentation title/s and a 200-­‐word paper abstract, describing the paper, session or


  • Please submit proposals by October 15, 2015. Abstracts after this date will only be considered if

    space is available on the program.

    Thank you!

    Please send submissions to:

    Elizabeth P. Martos, Coordinator American Indian Studies
    P.O. Box 874603
    Arizona State University

    Tempe, AZ 85287-­‐4603 480-­‐727-­‐8691

    PDF Announcement: 2016 CP 17th Annual American Indian Studies Association Conference

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