CFP – 35th International Human Science Research Conference (IHSRC). Due: Feb 16, 2016

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International Human Science Research Conference (IHSRC)

July 3 to 7, 2016, uOttawa

This is a call for papers and workshops for the 35th International Human Science Research Conference (IHSRC) which will be held from July 3 to 7, 2016 at the University of Ottawa. Deadline for submissions is February 16, 2016.


Please see the conference website for information about the keynote and invited speakers:



To submit a paper or workshop, please see the following link:



Some background on IHSRC: The estimated number of participants based on previous years is between 125-150. IHSRC is interdisciplinary in nature and attracts delegates from many fields such as education, psychology, medicine, nursing, etc. Some of the most influential scholars that have been keynotes at IHSRC over the years include: Max van Manen, Maxine Green, Madeleine Grumet, Alphonso Lingis (translator of Merleau-Ponty), and Amedeo Giorgi.

The thread that interconnects the participants of IHSRC is the focus on phenomenology as a methodology. The premise of phenomenological research is to search for meaning through a balanced engagement with direct lived experience in a particular domain and careful interrogation mediated by existential modes of questioning. Delegates attending IHSRC are thus primarily interested in mobilizing methodological knowledge that pertains to the practical and philosophic tenets of the methodology of phenomenology. Here are some conference links to see some of our history:

IHSRC 2015, Norway:

IHSRC 2014, Halifax:

IHSRC 2013, Denmark:

IHSRC 2011, Oxford England:


We hope that you may be part of the 2016 IHSRC experience.  For further information, please contact Rebecca Lloyd in the faculty of education,

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