May 3, 4 & 5, 2016 -UBC Learning Exchange Centennial conference: New Perspectives on Learning in the Downtown Eastside

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New Perspectives on Learning in the Downtown Eastside

A Community-University Conference

As part of UBC’s Centennial celebrations, the UBC Learning Exchange is organizing a unique conference that will bring together community members, faculty and students to experience, share, and reflect on diverse perspectives and practices of learning in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES). The two-day conference will highlight innovative learning exchanges and generate ideas and directions for the future.

Save the Date

The conference will be happening at the UBC Learning Exchange, the Vancouver Japanese Language School, and Ironworks Studios.

Key dates:

  • Main conference days are Tuesday, May 3rd and Wednesday, May 4th
  • Wrap-up conversations and social during dinner on Wednesday, May 4th
  • Post-conference activities on May 5th

How is this innovative?

Historic Locations: Spans over multiple historic locations, embedded in the community.

Diverse People: Connects community members and organizations with UBC faculty, staff, and students, in welcoming and friendly ways.

Fresh Themes: Explores a variety of themes from hot topics in the DTES and peer facilitation to student experiential learning and new approaches in evaluation and knowledge exchange.

Non-Traditional Formats: Features a wide range of sessions including workshops, arts-based activities, performances, panel discussions, and interactive exhibits.


For updates, visit our website conference page:


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