New Relationship Trust 2016-2017 Scholarships & Bursaries

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New Relationship Trust Announces 2016-2017 Scholarships & Bursaries! 

Vancouver, BC 
– The New Relationship Trust Foundation (NRT Foundation) in partnership with the New Relationship Trust (NRT) is pleased to announce that Scholarships and Bursaries for 2016-2017 are now available to First Nations students in British Columbia (BC)!  
NRT, the founding partner of the NRT Foundation, has committed $600,000 this year to provide Scholarships of $20,000 for Doctorates, $10,000 for Masters, $5,000 for Bachelors and $2,000 for Certificates, Diplomas, Associates Degrees and Trades Bursaries for BC First Nations students.  An additional $494,500 has already been secured from our funding partners that include Aboriginal Energy Solutions Inc., BC Hydro, Canfor, Chief Joe Mathias Foundation, Drillwell Enterprises, First Nations Health Authority, Peace Hills Trust, and Scotiabank.

Open Date
Close Date
April 19
June 9th
April 19
June 9th
April 19
June 9th

Open Date
Close Date
Diplomas, Associates Degrees,
1st call : April 19
2nd call : August 11
1st call : June 16
2nd call : Sept 15

In 2006, the BC Government worked with First Nations leadership to create NRT, and gave $100 million to NRT to support capacity building initiatives, which include First Nations Scholarships and Bursaries.  Since 2010, 1,469 Scholarship and Bursary awards totalling over $6.8 million have been given to students from First Nations in BC.
The NRT Foundation was created to ensure First Nations education awards continue in perpetuity. “The goal of the NRT Foundation is to create a $30 million endowment that will allow us to be self-sustaining so that students have funding options to turn to for generations.  We always hear that post-secondary education of Indigenous people is vital – we have taken on the challenge and we are fully committed to supporting our families and to strengthening our communities,” explains Judith Sayers, Chair of the NRT Foundation.
Eliminating financial barriers to post-secondary education will enable more First Nations students to embark on successful academic journeys,” said NRT CEO, Cliff Fregin. “Improving education outcomes for First Nations students will not only help them achieve their life goals and present them with greater employment opportunities, these students are also helping to strengthen First Nations communities and British Columbia as well.
REMINDER – on Thursday, July 28, 2016, the 6th Annual NRT Foundation Charity Golf Tournament will take place at the UBC Golf Course in Vancouver. To sign up, go to NRT Golf website – we hope to see you there!!
For more information, please contact:

Matt Cook-Contos, Senior Project Officer


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