GPS Workshop: Leading with Emotional Intelligence. 1-4 pm, Jun 14, 2016

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Is there more to being smart than just IQ? Absolutely! Research consistently shows that a person’s Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a key factor associated with success in career advancement, relationships and overall well-being. It is also vital to leadership. The good news is that you can develop skills in EI to be a better leader: to develop and influence others, build relationships and create environments that support the realization of common goals. This workshop will establish links between EI and leadership, and will explore the fundamentals of emotional management. Learning to work with emotions, rather than denying and ignoring them, will have a positive impact on your life, career and leadership paths. This workshop will introduce you to the concept of EI and help you to develop skills to: manage your emotions, regulate your behavior and act wisely across situations, communicate what you want in a way that reduces negative reactions in others, take the lead in fostering a work environment that energizes, motivates and optimizes performance. Instructor: Sally Halliday

Beverages will be provided.  Please bring your own mug.

Location: Thea Koerner House, 6371 Crescent Road, UBC

Date: June 14, 2016  Time: 1:00PM – 4:00 PM



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