Day: July 11, 2016

Multiple Full-Time Faculty Positions at University of Ottawa. Due: Sept 15, 2016

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University of Ottawa Full-Time Faculty Positions in:

Indigenous Studies, Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teacher Education at the Primary/Junior Level,  Inclusive Education, E-learning in Higher Education Contexts, and Program Evaluations

The functions of a member of the academic faculty include, in varying proportions: teaching activities, scholarly activities in the form of research, artistic or literary creation, or professional work, academic service activities, supervision of graduate students.

Requirements: Education: PhD. In Education or equivalent in a field related to the position.  Work Experience: A demonstrated excellent research track record in a field-related to the position.  A demonstrated track record in teaching and training at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the context of interdisciplinary collaboration, ability to teach hybrid and on-line courses.  Passive knowledge of French is a requirement for tenure.

Deadline: September 15, 2016

Apply: Send Resume, a detailed research proposal, a description of teaching interests and 3 references to Raymond LeBlanc, PhD., Acting Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa