Job for Part-Time Instructor at Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health, due: 4:30pm PST, April 19th, 2017

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The Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health and UBC Continuing Studies invite applications for a part-time instructor position for the award-winning certificate program “Aboriginal Health and Community Administration” (AHCAP) beginning in September 2017.

The course requiring an instructor is “Indigenous Health and Wellness” currently scheduled for September 7-9, 2017 for the face-face instruction at UBC Vancouver, followed by an online component in October and November 2017. The online component entails providing feedback and marking students’ assignments.

In this course, students will learn about the relationship between Aboriginal history and the health status of Aboriginal people and their communities. Students will identify strategies for effective administration of appropriate health care in Indigenous communities. Students will also reflect on their own individual self-care and wellness.

For more information about AHCAP and to download the latest copy of the AHCAP Handbook, please visit

Required Qualifications

Expertise in Indigenous Health and Wellness

  • Qualified through training and life experience to speak knowledgably about the subject matter
  • In depth knowledge and expertise working with Aboriginal communities
  • Current professional engagement in the field
  • A university degree preferred or similarExperience in adult education
  • Qualified through training and/or life experience to conduct training for adults
  • Competent in creating safe and respectful learning groups
  • Training in Indigenous pedagogy strategies and protocols according to situation, nation and place
  • For face-to-face instruction/facilitation:

o Comfortable leading participants through experiential learning cycle, including set up of the learning activity, encouraging reflection on the learning, generalizing the learning to issues outside the classroom, and applying or practising the learning

o Limits use of presentations or lectures; frames them within the experiential learning cycle (above)

For online instruction/facilitation:
o Dedication to being present to participants’ questions and problems (checking in at LEAST every other day)

o Competent in providing a balance of support and challenge in response to every assignment posting

Computer skills
• Competent in negotiating an online learning management system (e.g., Blackboard Connect)

Additional Qualifications

  • Ability to provide clear instructions to adult learners
  • Ability to respond quickly to participants’ questions (or refer them to the administrative staff)
  • How to Apply: Please send an electronic application package including a covering letter that addresses the qualifications along with a current resume to:

For more information, please see: Course 5 Job posting

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