Job – F/T Managing Director & P/T Special Events Coordinator with Kwi Awt Stelmexw. Due: Jan 11, 2017

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Hi all. I’m the founder and programming director for Kwi Awt Stelmexw — an arts & education organization based in Vancouver, BC. We’re a Coast Salish non-profit focused on advancing the cultural identity of the Squamish Peoples.

Kwi Awt Stelmexw is building a team of leaders who can make a difference in the Squamish Peoples’ lives — it’s a big job and we’re looking for super passionate, strategic, and dedicated people to make the dreams a reality.

The Squamish Peoples are rising. After decades of dispossession then neglect, the Squamish Peoples are charting their own path forward. Our fundraising campaigns, our language programs, our arts projects, and everything in between is for the betterment of the Squamish Peoples.

At Kwi Awt Stelmexw, you’ll work with a team of engaged, hard-working, and passionate colleagues showing the community and the world what is possible for advancing the cultural identity of the Squamish Peoples, in a flexible, collaborative, and dream-seeking environment. We are hiring for:
F/T Managing Director (6 month contract with potential to renew)
P/T Special Events Coordinator (6 month contract with potential to renew)
Learn more here:
The Managing Director is really about finding an operations/manager person to work with me in building this emerging organization. There are very few Coast Salish-run and Coast Salish-focused non-profits in Vancouver and we’re looking to grow our team to support our work. If you could pass this along to help us spread the word, we’d be super grateful. Deadline to apply is Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 at 5pm.

Please feel free to message me if you or anyone you know is interested in learning more.


Programming Director
Kwi Awt Stelmexw
PO Box 57145 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C., V5K 5G6
c: 604-809-6282 | m: 778-987-8809

Upcoming Doctoral Defences

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Friday, 18 March 2016 – 9:00am – Room 200

Ana Ines Vivaldi Pasqua
Department: Anthropology
Traversing the City: The Making of Indigenous Spatialities Within and Beyond Buenos Aires

Friday, 19 February 2016 – 9:00am – Room 200

Tathali Urueta Ortiz
Department: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Exploring Practice-Linked Identities Construction in Culturally Diverse Urban Youth Through an Intergenerational Garden-Based Learning Project

CFP – Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education, Due June 1, 2015

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CJNSE Fall 2015 Special Issue

Language, Identity, and Diversity in Education 

This is a call for submissions for a Fall 2015 special issue of the Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education. This special issue is broadly dedicated to issues surrounding language, identity, and diversity in Education and will be guest co-edited by the journal’s newest faculty advisory editor, Dr. Antoinette Gagné. The CJNSE welcomes and encourages submissions describing original (MA or PhD) research but may also accept position papers and book reviews from new scholars. Submissions are welcomed in our journal’s two official languages, English and French. Submissions will be accepted starting immediately with a deadline of June 21st, 2015. Submissions will go through our journal’s extensive peer-review and editing process. Questions and queries may be sent to CJNSE editor James Corcoran (English) at cjnse.rcjce.journal@gmail.comor Nancy Allen (French) at

RCJCE, numéro thématique, automne

Langue, identité et diversité en éducation

Le numéro thématique de l’automne 2015 de la Revue canadienne des jeunes 

chercheurs-chercheuses en éducation portera sur la langue (au sens large), le 

développement identitaire qui peut y être associé de même que sur la diversité et la pluralité des langues. Nous sommes heureux d’avoir à nos côtés, pour mener à bien ce numéro, Antoinette Gagné, professeure associée à l’Université de Toronto. La RCJCE encourage la publication d’articles inédits (MA ou PHD), en anglais ou en français, traitant de recherches en cours ou complétées. La RCJCE accepte aussi des articles d’opinions ou des recensions d’écrits scientifiques. Les propositions d’articles seront acceptées jusqu’au 21 juin 2015. Pour tous commentaires ou questions concernant ce numéro thématique, nous vous invitons à écrire à la directrice du volet francophone, Nancy Allen, ou au directeur du volet anglophone, James Corcoran

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS – Dissertation Research Study: Early Career Teachers, Teacher Identity, and Aboriginal/Indigenous Education

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Dissertation Research Study: Early Career Teachers, Teacher Identity, and Aboriginal/Indigenous Education
This study seeks participation from early career teachers (years 1-5 of work experience) who work in a Metro Vancouver school. It aims to explore the experiences and practices of early career teachers who are participating/have participated in university-based coursework and/or extended professional development (PD) on the topic of Aboriginal/Indigenous education.
B. Madden - Advertisement to Recruit Participants

CFP – Performing Turtle Island, Fluid Identities and Community Continuities, Due Dec. 15, 2014

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University of Regina and First Nations University of Canada are seeking submissions for “Performing Turtle Island, Fluid Identities and Community Continuities,” a seminar/workshop/conference taking place Sep 17-19 2015. Deadline for submissions: Dec 15, 2014.

Performing Turtle Island brings together established and emerging scholars and artists to focus on how Indigenous theatre and performance are connected to Indigenous identity and community health. This Call is looking for proposals for academic papers as well as proposals for Seminars and Workshops – sharing circles for practical and performative exchange. We are interested in proposals that touch on innovative approaches to performance, education, research, health and healing and community consultation

The central theme that the Conference takes up in the form of a national symposium of Canadian Indigenous performers and playwrights, scholars and artists is unknowing.

See here for more information! Or here!

CFP – Globalization, Diversity, and Education Conference 2015, Due Dec 8, 2014

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                                      11th  Annual International
                              Globalization, Diversity,           
                              and Education Conference
                                                            Co-Constructing Identities in Local and Global Spaces
Call for Proposals
Conference Theme:
Co-Constructing Identities in Local and Global Spaces
February 26-27, 2015
Northern Quest Resort – Spokane
Join us for the 11th Annual Conference February 26-27, 2015, at Northern Quest Resort in Airway Heights, (Spokane) WA.  This year we will focus on the theme of Co-Constructing Identities in Local and Global Spaces. This conference is committed to engaging activists, educators, and scholars from diverse disciplines in deep and meaningful dialogues around what we can do together to address and engage in alleviating and/or eliminating current social and environmental injustices in our local, national, and international communities. 
We are pleased to announce the conference keynote speaker and the performing artist. Speaker:  CJ Pascoe, a sociologist who is interested in gender, sexuality, inequality, and youth and author of an award winning book about sexuality and gender in high school, Dude, You’re a Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School.  CJ’s current projects focus on contemporary youth cultures.  More specifically she examines young people’s practices of love and romance.
Performing Artist:  Yadira De La Riva, is an artist/educator from El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.  Yadira is in intellectually fierce and multi-faceted performer whose passion is performances that represent and empower marginalized voices nationally and internationally. One Journey: Stitching Stories Across the Mexican ‘American’ Border.
Proposal Deadline: December 8, 2014
Submission guidelines
Proposals for papers, panels, and alternative formats should not exceed 500 words.  Proposals will be judged on the quality of the narrative, relevance to the conference theme, and likely interest to our audience.  A program committee will evaluate proposals in an anonymous review process. Criteria for evaluation will include:
1.     Significance of the topic to the conference theme
2.     Potential appeal to audience
3.     Overall quality of the proposal
Proposal type:
Individual Paper
Presenters of individual papers will be grouped into sessions (by the conference committee).  Paper sessions are approximately 60-75 minutes in length and will include an opportunity for audience conversation.  Each presenter will have approximately 15 minutes to present his or her work.
Panel Presentation
Panel presentations are a group of presenters that have been organized by a session chair around a theme of their choosing. Panels are more flexible than paper sessions in that panelists could discuss a topic as a group rather than giving individual papers. Panels will be scheduled for 60-75 minutes and must include time for audience participation.
Alternative presentation
Proposals for alternative presentations such as films, documentaries, performances, workshops or other creative endeavors are highly encouraged.  In your proposal please indicate the kind of presentation you will be doing and the time needed.  Shorter presentations, installations or exhibitions may be combined. Please indicate if you have special space or technology requirements.
To submit a proposal:
  • Use the attached form
  • Send by mail to:          Globalization, Diversity & Education Conference
                                                College of Education
                                                PO Box 642114
                                                Pullman, WA 99164-2114
                                                Phone: (509) 335-6393
                                                Fax: (509) 335-2097
Proposal deadline:                  December 8, 2014

Call for Submission – Queer U, Grad. Academic Conference, Due Dec 20th, 2014

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As part of Outweek (feb 6-13), The Pride Collective is organizing Queer U, an annual graduate level academic conference on sexualities and genders. The conference centers on bringing the research and work of graduate students and established scholars from across the west coast of north america and beyond to a broad audience in an attempt to foster understanding and discussion.

This year, the theme is “Sewing Seeds and Setting Roots”. We are focusing on being able to give everyone who participates something to take away at the end of they day, so that they can develop their own thoughts and build on it in ways that are relevant to their lives. Whether this is a list of useful resources or literal tools to use to start discussions, our aim is to give everyone the foundation to work off of the histories we often forego and forget, and the confidence to make the changes they want to see happen in the world. Please try to work this into your presentation, but any and all submissions will be considered.

This call for papers is open to graduate contributors and established scholars from any department or area of research that relates to sexuality and gender. Strong undergraduate submissions are also accepted. Workshop Proposals related to community are welcome as well. All topics are welcome; however Queer U is especially seeking submissions dealing with the following topics:
-Queer/Trans* Diasporas
-Temporalities of Queer/Trans* Spaces
-Innovative looks at the Relationship Between Community and Identity
-Relationships Between Community and Wellness
-Anti-racist, Indigenous, and/or intersectional feminist approaches are encouraged!
-Intersections of Queer/Trans* Communities with Systems of Power

if interested, send in a short (300 word or less) abstract outlining the paper, presentation, and/or workshop to no later than December 20th, 2014. Please Title email Queer U abstract.

The Queer U Conference is open to the general public. It will take place on Saturday, February 7th from 11am to 5pm and immediately be followed by a wine and cheese reception.

Assert, Defend, Take Space: Aboriginal Youth on Identity, Activism, and Film

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The Museum of Anthropology (MOA) invites you to attend  Assert, Defend, Take Space, a conference by Aboriginal youth on identity, activism, and film. The event takes place on October 18 to coincide with the exhibition entitled Claiming Space: Voices of Urban Aboriginal Youth, which looks at the diverse ways that young people are asserting their identity and affirming their relationship to both urban spaces and ancestral territories.

The daylong event will feature screenings of over a dozen short films followed by panel discussions with a number of artists and activists from across Canada, Norway, and the United States, many of whom are featured in the exhibit itself. Panelists will discuss themes of youth identity and politics, the objectification of Indigenous women, and environmentalism and youth activism.

Participants include Kelli Clifton, who is known for her design that branded the Idle No Moremovement; Cody Lecoy whose piece Lions Gate Bridge is featured in the Claiming Space exhibition; and Emilio Wawatie, an Anishnabe filmmaker from Kitigan Zibi, Quebec, who was the spokesperson at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in 2013. This assembly of young activists and artists will certainly make for an engaging and thought-provoking day.

The event is free with the purchase of admission. Admission is always free for Aboriginal people and UBC students. Register online.  Doors open at 9:30am with a coffee and tea reception in the MOA Lobby.

Share your experience by using #ClaimingSpace

Date: October 18, 2014
Time: 10:00am to 4:30pm
Where: MOA – 6393 NW Marine Drive, Vancouver