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New Publication: Coded Territories: Tracing Indigenous Pathways in New Media Art

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University of Calgary Press is pleased to publish:
Coded Territories: Tracing Indigenous Pathways in New Media Art
Chapters by Jackson 2Bears, Steven Foster, Candice Hopkins, Jason Edward Lewis, Steven Loft, Cheryl L’Hirondelle, and Archer Pechawis. 
“Adaptation and artistic response to new technologies is embedded in Indigenous realities. From glass beads to hard drives, Indigenous ingenuity has utilized contemporary tools for artistic means for centuries. This volume represents an important document in the critical discourse surrounding Indigenous new media arts from the perspectives of those at the creative front: Indigenous artists themselves.” — Jason Ryle, imagineNATIVE
216 pages, $34.95, illustrations, 978-1-55238-706-1 paper / 978-1-55238-746-7 ePub / 978-1-55238-747-4 mobi
Also available as an open access ebook on our website.