SAGE Events

SAGE Saturdays

SAGE Saturdays were created to strengthen and develop networks within the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Simon Fraser University (SFU) Indigenous graduate and postdoctoral student community. To further enhance the post-secondary education experience of participating students, UBC and SFU SAGE programs bring in established and well-recognized Indigenous scholars in a variety of fields.

Upcoming SAGE Saturdays

No SAGE Saturdays currently scheduled. If you would like to recommend a SAGE Saturday speaker, please email

Other SAGE Events

The SAGE Program offers other events to Indigenous graduate and post-doctoral students to provide a better experience and support their success while completing their studies. During the COVID19 pandemic, students may find it challenging to allot time to complete assigned work and may feel disconnected from their Indigenous Student Community. These events may include: a Tea and Chat, Writing Circle, or Academic Workshops on topics like academic presentations, scholarly writings, and much more.

Upcoming Events:

No upcoming events scheduled. If you wish to request a specific event or topic for a workshop, please email