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Indigenous Graduate Student Symposium [IGSS]

IGSS – Indigenous Graduate Student Symposium – is a yearly, student-led, inter-institutional co-hosted gathering to celebrate Indigenous Graduate student research and successes. The IGSS brings together Elders, keynote speakers, and panels of emerging/well-established Indigenous scholars from across Canada and beyond.

The IGSS provides a space for Indigenous students to critically engage in each other’s work from a place that honours the 4Rs—respect, relevance, responsibility, and reciprocity (Kirkness, V. J. and R. Barnhardt, 1991). 

The annual conference provides an opportunity for Indigenous graduate students to network with peers locally, provincially, Nationally, and globally. The IGSS also provides a venue for students to listen to leading Indigenous scholars and academic Elders who have pioneered Indigenous education and Indigenous research theory/methodologies in Canada or elsewhere. 

Works Cited

Kirkness, V., & Barnhardt, R. (1991). FIRST NATIONS AND HIGHER EDUCATION: The Four R’s — Respect, Relevance, Reciprocity, Responsibility. Journal of American Indian Education, 30(3), 1-15. Retrieved April 26, 2021, from

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